My Journey To Becoming An Author

I found myself when I was a teenager watching a TV show and thinking, I can write a story like that. I found an old typewriter and got blank paper and my writing career began as a teen, imaging all the action I could write, the bar fights, the shootouts, the tender moments a cowpoke has with his woman. I wrote it all and looking back 45 years ago, now I wish I would have kept those stores. I could write for hours but as a hunt and peck typing back then, it took me a long time to write a full story.

Well I grew up and did a short stint in the army and came home and decided what to do with my life. I have always had a love for medicine, so I went into nursing and became a registered nurse, working on a medical floor and then 15 years as an ICU nurse. Overall I have 30 years in nursing and retired proud as a nurse who has helped thousands of people.

I got into writing my books about the Navy and mafia, a love for both areas, so it became easy for me and my imagination to dream up some stories. I would work 14-16 hours days as a nurse and my mother lived with me so I could take care of her and I would come home and tell her, “I need my fingers to do the talking for a while and I would sit at my computer and start writing and I loved writing because it was a good stress reliever from work and it was something I enjoyed immensely.

On my days off it was nothing for me to write twelve hours straight and just take a stretch break here and there and I loved getting into all of my characters and I had to ask my brother one time, “how can you men just let this roll off your back?” and I found that was the hardest part of writing, trying not to think like a woman. I had to shut myself down and become every character in my book and I loved it.

I once dated a nephew of a boss and he read book two and he said, “Mary, it’s good, but you don’t talk like us. Drop the F bombs a lot. That word is part of our daily sentence structure. So I rewrote book two swearing like a sailor and he said it was perfect. I haven’t stopped writing since. It is a passion and love affair for me.

I get to write about these men and women and all the situations I create for them. You may ask where I came up with my pen name, Mia Rabb. I used it as one word as an Internet ID and I split it in half and my pen name was born.


Mia Rabb, an intensive care unit nurse, is a member of Biltmore’s Who’s Who Registry for her accomplishments as a writer as well as a registered nurse. Mia’s greatest passions of her besides writing are the United States Navy and Mafia.

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