Kenneth J. Kohutek, Ph.D.

About The Author

Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology; Post Doctorate in Clinical Neuropsychology; Across years of working in the field of mental health and education, Ken had the opportunity to experience a myriad of situations and watch people celebrate when overcoming adversities with grit and resilience. He worked in four Federal Prisons, including the maximum-security prison in Marion, Illinois for five years, Private Practice, owner of Texarkana Family Center (Texarkana, TX), Director of Psychological Services at Pinewood Psychiatric Hospital (Texarkana, AR)., Adjunct Professor at various universities, Administrator of Cherry Lane Hospital (White Settlement, TX), Neuropsychologist at Plaza Medical Center (Ft. Worth, TX), Guidance Counselor at Morning Star Catholic School (Tampa, FL), Guidance Counselor/English/theology teacher middle school Sacred Heart Academy (Tampa, FL), Visiting Professor at University of Tampa (Tampa, FL), Psychologist at the Rusk State Hospital (Rusk, TX) and North Texas State Hospital (Wichita Falls, TX) Guidance Counselor at Nolan Catholic High School ( Ft. Worth, TX), Tampa Catholic High School (Tampa, FL), St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School (Austin, TX), Clinical Director of two residential treatment centers (San Antonio, TX and Bedford, TX), and consultant to juvenile detention (Tarrant County, TX).

Author enjoy reading about human behavior. He’s always aspired to be an author and finally now have time to write. This aspiring author is working on two different books at this time (Teacher’s Manual for Grit Gal Teaches Social Skills Volume 2 and They called me “Doc of the New Rock: Memories of a Psychological Internship and Beyond).

About The Book

It is a compilation of seven stories following the titular students as they face difficult situations that range from academics, and social to extra-curricular issues. These are tough, but realistic, challenges faced by most students. Students will read about how the characters, with the assistance of Grit Gal, manage to deal with these events effectively. These situations are not exactly a cakewalk, but that is the point when it comes to harnessing grit and persevering through tough times. Young readers will learn about persistence, problem solving and effective strategies for completing their tasks and other challenges. The stories are arranged in chapters that pertain to specific issues, which young readers can use as reference when the events arise in real-life. They provide reality-based situations that young people may encounter in their daily lives, at school or at home. During these moments Grit Gal provides keen insights to help the protagonists succeed – ultimately the students learn to manage the situations themselves

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