How To Promote Yourself As An Author

If you want to be a successful author, you will almost certainly need to promote yourself. This can be difficult for introverted writers, but I’ve seen it time and again: my authors who do the most work to promote themselves and their books perform the best.

Of course, different genres necessitate varying degrees and styles of self-promotion. If you write nonfiction, you should have a solid web platform. In-person activities at schools and libraries may be more beneficial if you write middle grade. Having said that, here are six tips for self-promotion in any genre.

It’s never too early to start promoting yourself. Having an existing online or offline presence before getting an agent isn’t needed for most genres, but it will undoubtedly assist. Nonfiction authors are an exception since they are expected to be leaders before they produce a book. While you’re working on your book or looking for an agent, begin researching and networking with the communities that will help you and your book succeed. This could include book bloggers, librarians, and other authors. You may wish to consult with other thought leaders in the topic matter you are writing about if you are writing nonfiction.

Others should be promoted. Before you can advertise yourself, you should help others promote themselves. When it’s your turn, hopefully they’ll return the favor. Plus, no one wants to hear you constantly talk about yourself. Joining a debut year group after you’ve landed a book deal might be a terrific method to formalize cross-promotion.

Publishers are more interested in a platform than agencies are. While a solid platform isn’t required to gain an agent (save for non-fiction writers! ), publishers frequently incorporate your author website and social media links into their acquisition meetings. You want to do everything you can to demonstrate to the publisher’s team that you have what it takes to get the word out about your book.

After publishing, self-promotion becomes much more vital. Your publisher will provide some promotional assistance once your book is published. Of course, some publishers will spend more time and money marketing specific publications. If you work with a huge publishing house, your book may not be their main concern. If you’re working with a smaller publisher, they may not have the manpower or the funds to conduct all of the marketing you’d like. As a result, obtaining the desired publicity is entirely on your shoulders. You are ultimately responsible for your author brand. Work closely with your agent and publisher to maximize prospects for spreading the word about your work, and don’t be hesitant to take matters into your own hands if necessary.

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You get back what you put forward. The more you invest in marketing your book, the more you will receive in return. Treat your writing profession as a business. Consider the return on investment for various marketing activities and develop a realistic budget based on that return. You don’t have to limit yourself to book sales because building your author brand is vital for your long-term profession. Consider how you will track the growth of your brand. What is the worth of someone signing up for your email newsletter? Are you visiting your website? You don’t need a spreadsheet to answer all of these questions, but you should think about them. Budget your time in addition to your money. Do a lot of things to advertise yourself, but don’t keep doing things that require a long time and/or money and don’t produce results.

Don’t be frightened to ask for help. True, many authors are introverted or shy by nature. Even for the most outgoing person, reaching out to a book blogger, a local store, or that fantastic author you’ve always wished would write a blurb for your book can be intimidating. But this is your job! You cannot allow your fear of hearing “no” to prevent you from advocating for yourself. What you don’t ask for, you don’t receive.

Give something of value. As I previously stated, no one wants to hear you constantly talk about yourself or pitch the Amazon link to your books. How can you provide value to your audience’s lives? What freebies can you offer that are both amusing and informative, depending on your genre? Providing information that readers want will assist you in expanding your following.

Learn more about yourself. Authors are no longer only authors; they are also marketers. Put up the effort to educate oneself. Boost Blog Traffic, Christina Katz’s website, Fiction University, Romance University, and Sterling Editing are some of my favorite sites.

Do you consider video promotion or a documentary? It’s one of the most effective ways of promoting yourself as an author.

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