Cotman: The Jaylene Olivia Josalene Cotman Story

Cotman: The Jaylene Olivia Josalene Cotman Story is a book that tells the story of a woman who waited for the arrival of her family for twenty years. The first to arrive was her brother’s only son, Meko Cotman, and his family. Meko, excited to finally have some clarity about the whole twenty years, asked his aunt to tell the story on how the family began. Jaylene went deep into her memory as the ancestral winds brought her to the past, present, and future, taking Meko and kinfolks as she spoke. The shadow dazzled then into Bronx, New York, and the power began to take a turn in this adventure of love, romance, and family. Cotman: The Jaylene Olivia Josalene Cotman Story is a book that is sure to capture the hearts of readers everywhere.

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R. D. Smiley is no stranger to the hip-hop world being one of the mothers of hip-hop. The group that she broke ground with was the first DJs and MCs in the world: the Mercedes Ladies. R. D. Smiley’s greatest challenge was being part of the start of something that is now a culture, and she is proud of those times. But it was an open vision that she had at the age of seven that awakened her interest in writing, and when she became older, she tried to do just that. But the pressure of the world was not clear to her, so she did not pursue it. Having no one to explain this vision, she suppressed a character that will soon awaken and spill a joy bright enough for everyone to see. RD continued her life’s journey until she came to a crossroad. She was enlightened and received a bachelor’s degree in theology in 2007. It was then that she sought clarity and what was missing in her life, and in 2009 she remembered. The passion in her heart for this vision was so strange that she did not stop typing until she was finished. The author’s motto is “If I listen to the people who said I could not write, Jaylene would be lost.”


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