A Journey Of Remembrances, Past Injustices And Indignities

Radha is a meek and timid Indian woman whose husband abandoned her and their three children many years ago, leaving them nearly destitute. She is now on her way to reunite with her husband de ella after so much time apart, conflicted about her feelings de ella.

She traces the recollections of her past with Prabhakar and how it felt when he left. She also takes a close look at her inner growth and strength she never knew she possessed. Radha’s story also touches upon the mystique surrounding Hanuman, the Hindu God who inspires people and gives them strength in moments of failing courage and desperation.

After several years on her own with her children, Radha soon comes to realize that she should perhaps be thankful to Prabhakar for leaving. She has grown to be an independent and self-sufficient woman. Radha has discovered her full potential, so how will it feel to reunite with Prabhakar? Perhaps she is now the stronger of the two.

This story is centered around Radha, a woman who is on her way to meet her husband after many years. The narrative takes the reader on a journey of remembrances, past injustices and indignities, on surprise revelations and an unexpected ending.


Sudha Challa lives in Central California. She loves to travel and during her spare time pursues her various hobbies including writing, painting, sketching and reading books of all genres.

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